Password Recovery Security Questions

PlayMaker requires users to select and answer four different security questions to assist with identity verification when requesting a password reset. This article covers how to view or change these questions after they have been answered for the first time.

  • Log into PlayMaker web environment.
  • Click on My Profile in the top right corner of the page.

The second section of the My Profile page is the Security Questions area. Users can choose to update an existing answer or they can select new questions (by adjusting any of the drop-down menus) and adding new answers. Once any information has been updated, click the Save button at the bottom of the My Profile page.

Tip: The answers to these questions are case-sensitive.

Note: My Profile data is only able to be viewed and updated in the PlayMaker CRM web environment, and is not available in the mobile application. PlayMaker Support staff does not have access to a user's security question selections or answers.


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