PlayMaker 16.4.3 for iOS & 16.4.1 for Android - Release Notes

PlayMaker CRM is excited to announce PlayMaker 16.4.3 for iOS and PlayMaker 16.4.1 for Android.

With this release you will be able to receive calendar appointment reminder notifications on your phone, regardless of internet connectivity.  These notifications are available in addition to the option to receive reminders via email or SMS text, and behave exactly as notifications generated from the default iOS and Android calendar applications. 


Users can opt in to this behavior from either the web or mobile applications.

  • From the web application navigate to "My Profile" and set the desired "Calendar Alerts" option.
  • From the mobile application navigate to "Settings" > "Reminder Type" to select your alert methods.




In addition, PlayMaker 16.4.3 for iOS and 16.4.1 for Android includes various bug fixes.

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    Sean Haggis

    Very exciting to see this new functionality added! :)