Q1 2017 TargetWatch Home Health & Hospice Release Notes

The Q1 2017 TargetWatch update is complete and now available. This article provides a summary of the changes included in this update:

  • 2015 Medicare claims data has been added. If you are eligible for the 2015 update, the data has already been added to your account.
  • There are new icons for business line-specific reporting. For a key of icons, see the TargetWatch Icon Key.
  • The Strategic Market Assessment is now broken out into individual business lines.
  • Home Health Agencies and Hospice Agencies can now be assigned to users.
  • Decile rankings have been added to Home Health Agencies and Hospice Agencies. These rankings are defined by the total patient volume by agency and disease state.
  • The IRF, LTAC and SNF tabs now show market and readmit data.
  • Non-Hospital Workload has been added to both the Home Health and Hospice Physician tabs. The Non-Hospital Workload is the % of total patient volume that is referred outside the hospital setting and can be used to identify community or non-hospital admissions. 


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