Performing A Search In TargetWatch

PlayMaker's TargetWatch feature provides two different ways to search for content. The first is a search field that searches the active tab. The second is through creating Targets. This article discusses using the Search Active Tab field.

Search Active Tab (Basic)


The fastest way to search for data in TargetWatch is the Search Active Tab box. This box is located in the left column of the TargetWatch page, and is the fourth box down in the column. By default, the basic search field is shown. It is important to note that the search will only search the active tab, so clicking on the appropriate tab before searching is key to finding the desired resultsThe search will also only search the area shown in the heat map (the map above the table of results). If the map is zoomed into a particular zip code, only results within that zip code will be searched.

When using the Search Active Tab basic option, the query will filter through all available fields of data. As an example, a search for "John" will pull up results where "John" may appear in any of the available fields (such as First NameMiddle NameLast NameAddress 1City, etc.). This is the best tool to use to cast the widest net for a particular search.

Note: The active tab is the one that appears to be in front of the other tabs. In the image below, the HHA Practitioner tab is active, while the Hospice Practitioner tab is inactive. If a search were performed while this tab is active, only HHA Practitioners will show as results.


 Search Active Tab (Advanced)

Clicking on the Advanced Options link in the Search Active Tab box will provide a dropdown menu (shown below) that allows for searching on a specific field. 


This option should be selected to cast a more narrow net, find a specific physician, facility or specialty.

Less is More

As discussed earlier, searches in TargetWatch can search every field or a specific field for data. Keeping the search simple will help ensure better results. When searching for a physician, "John Smith" for example, entering both the first name and last name may or may not show the desired result. The physician could be registered as "Johnathan Smith" or "Jon Smith" in the NPI Registry. TargetWatch does not take into consideration different spellings of names, or a full name versus a shortened name.

To help limit results, it is suggested that the area that the physician is located in is loaded on the heat map. Once the map is set appropriately, search for a specific first name or last name. Ordinarily, searching a single county for a particular last name would likely provide better chances of finding the desired physician than searching the entire TargetWatch data set for the account.



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