PlayMaker: Sales Representatives Best Practices

This is a complimentary refresher of PlayMaker’s Sales Representatives Best Practices with an introduction to new features and functionality. John Blake, Director of Client Success, will share some creative tips and shortcuts that will save time and increase productivity.

This webinar was recorded live on March 23, 2017.


Territory Management:

  • Eliminate the Noise! Optimize your accounts by carrying only your relevant business
  • Reports: Review of the Sales Territory Summary Report and Request Owner Change Report
  • Utilize TargetWatch to find group practices, leverage the Hospice Influence Network, and more

 Accounts Review:

  • Shared Owners vs. Unassigned vs. Blank
  • How to take ownership of accounts based on Role Permissions
  • How to use Practice Of (Office Of) accounts
  • Parent/Child relationships vs. Merged accounts

Key Features & Highlights:

  • ACE Process
  • Effective Calendaring
  • Web v. Mobile: web does the heavy lifting, and mobile is built to maximize speed in the field - they complement one another, they don't copy one another

A Mobile Walkthrough / Demonstration



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