PlayMaker and Outlook

PlayMaker has the ability to send events to Outlook or other calendar programs. There is not currently any ability to sync the Account or Contact information outside of PlayMaker.

Important Note: While PlayMaker can populate an external calendar program, all event management must be done within the PlayMaker web or mobile applications


Sending Events to Outlook

PlayMaker can send events to Outlook for a) you or b) others. The first method is designed to send a copy to you; the second is focused on other attendees.

  • Send a copy - When creating an event (or series), a checkbox below the list of attendees can be selected to automatically send a copy of the event to the user's email address (shown below).
    • There is also a preference in the My Profile area to always send a copy of events that the user creates (below). Changing this option to Yes will preselect the Send a copy checkbox on all new events.



  • Invitation - Invitations are sent to contacts with valid email addresses, rather than users. Similar to the Send a copy option, selecting the Send email updates to all attendees checkbox will send an invitation to each listed contact, which can be added to Outlook. More information on inviting others to events can be found here.
    • If a contact does not have a valid email address, their name will be highlighted in red, and an invitation will not be received.


Note: Both of the above options are only available on the web. The mobile app does not allow for invitations or sending events to Outlook.


Editing and Completing Events

While PlayMaker can populate an external calendar program, all event management must be done within the PlayMaker web or mobile applications. The event itself will appear in Outlook with the following data:

  • day of the event
  • time of the event
  • name of the event
  • the business purpose

All other fields associated with the account and contacts, the business purpose and call/visit notes will not display outside of PlayMaker.

For scheduling purposes, moving an event to a different time in PlayMaker may update the Outlook event, but changing the time in Outlook will not update the event in PlayMaker. PlayMaker is the system of record for all visit history and reporting and should be used as the master calendar for all PlayMaker-based events.








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