Creating a Marketing Campaign in TargetWatch

One of the most powerful features of TargetWatch is the ability to find new referral sources based on historical claims and location data. This data provides insight to a wide variety of contacts that may be nearby, but aren't being marketed to. In these circumstances, creating a marketing campaign to assign prospects to a marketer can provide a great way to expand marketing efforts to physicians in areas that are already being marketed to, or provide leads for expanding into a new sales territory. This article discuses how to transition a target in TargetWatch to a view on the Contacts page.

Once a target has been created in TargetWatch, a view can be created on the Contacts page to reflect the target in TargetWatch.

  • Create a target in TargetWatch and save the target, providing a name that will represent what will be shown when clicking on the target in the future. In this example, the name represents the zip code, total patient volume is greater than 8, and CHF volume is greater than 8. For more information about creating targets (including instructions and screenshots), click here. The below screenshot shows the name of this target:


  • Assign the contacts listed in the target to the appropriate marketer/user. This is done by checking the box at the top of the furthest left column (selecting all visible records. If more records exist but aren't visible, load as many as possible by choosing a different value in the Display dropdown below the table of records. Repeat for each page of results, if needed), then using the Assign to User option in the Bulk Actions menu. Note: Complete this step even if the contacts already have an owner assigned. This assigns the contacts to the target, which is necessary for the contacts to show up when creating a view.

  • Click on the Contacts tab.

  • Either create a new view, or duplicate the All Contacts view. To learn more about views, click here.

  • Provide the view a name that aligns with the target that was created, so it's clear what will be seen when viewing the list of contacts. The screenshot below shows a name that matches the target name, with the word "Campaign" added.


  • In Step 2, add or remove any fields that may or may not be desired to have in the final view (below).


  • In Step 3, add the user that owns the contacts and will be seeing the view. Change the dropdown to Specific Users... and click Add User to search for the appropriate user.


  • In Step 5, choose the target from the Value dropdown menu, selecting the appropriate target for the marketing campaign.


  • In Step 6, set the preferred sort order. If the contacts are new to the marketer, it may be a good idea to sort by Address 1 (Ascending), then Address 2 (Ascending), then by Phone. This will help make it easy to spot any contacts that may be at the same location.


  • Make sure the view is available for all users in Step 7.


Note: Only administrators have access to creating views that are available to all users.

  • Save the view.

This view should now show the contacts assigned in the target, and would be visible to the appropriate user.


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