The Referral Source Database

The Referral Source Database is another way to add contacts and accounts to your book of business. The Referral Source Database is a registry of all the people in the United States who have NPI (National Provider Identifier) numbers. Information is collected from the NPI registry to provide an easy way for PlayMaker users to add these individuals to their books of business in the web application. The Referral Source Database is not available on the mobile application.


To search for accounts or contacts in PlayMaker’s built-in Referral Source Database:

  1. Access the Referral Source Database by hovering over the Accounts or Contacts tab in the main navigation and clicking on the Add from Referral Source Database option (above).

  2. On the left side of the main Referral Source Database page in PlayMaker are a number of filtering options under the Search Options heading. Select the city and state you want to view. Click Search.

  3. The resulting list will display all those individuals/facilities that are not currently in a user's PlayMaker book of business. View the total number of entries by scrolling to the bottom of the list and viewing the number beside the indication of the number of results displayed per page.

Note: The default location set in the Search Options box (below) is set by the location entered in the user's My Profile details. It is suggested that this information be updated to reflect an accurate location to show relevant results.


Users can easily filter results further by following these steps:

  1. Search only for those in a certain ZIP code by entering the appropriate ZIP code under the Search Options heading. Click Search
  2. Search for those who have a specific specialty by entering the appropriate specialty under the Search Options heading. Click Search.
  3. Search for someone with a specific name by entering the appropriate information in the fields for first and/or last name under the Search Options heading. Click Search. 
  4. When searching facilities, narrow the type of facility (e.g., hospital, nursing & custodial care facilities) by selecting a facility type from the dropdown menu beside the label Type that appears at the top of the main Facility Database display.


To add an individual or facility from the Referral Source Database to a book of business:


  1. Click on the check box to the left of the desired person’s/facility’s name. To select all displayed entries at once, click on the check box that serves as a column header for the column of boxes. 
  2. Click the blue Add Selected to My Accounts (or Add Selected to My Contacts) button, which is located in the main black label bar that reads Referral Source Database.
  3. In the box that appears, click on the User field. This will take you to a new window in which you can select the name of the user to whom you would like to assign the contact/account. Click on the word Select, which is located under the Actions column heading on the far right of the employee listing. Once the appropriate user is selected, click the Add button.


Notes: The name of the contact/account just added to a user’s book of business has now disappeared from the Referral Source Database display. This prevents users from duplicating entries when using the database to add to their books of business. Additionally, all physicians added through the Referral Source Database automatically tie in with physicians that exist in TargetWatch. This link is created by using the physicians NPI and prevents duplicates physician contacts from being created in PlayMaker. Existing contacts already in PlayMaker from other sources outside of the TargetWatch also follow the rules with matching NPI to prevent duplicates.


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