Referral Trends in TargetWatch

In addition to the claims data in TargetWatch, another popular feature is the referral trend displayed for practitioners. When looking at the HHA Practitioner or Hospice Practitioner tabs, users can see referral trends for any referrals associated to the NPI of a contact listed in TargetWatch. These referrals are not part of the TargetWatch data, but are instead pulled from the Referral data in the user's PlayMaker environment.


The column headers above display that immediately after the last name of the contact, a three-month referral trend can be seen (current month and the two consecutive prior months), along with current year-to-date and prior year referral numbers.

Note: These referral numbers reflect only the referrals in which the contact is listed as the Primary Physician in the referral data of the user's PlayMaker environment, just as the decile rankings in TargetWatch are based on claims in which the contact is the Primary Physician.

To see the referrals associated to the contact, click on the assigned owner's name in the Assigned Owner column. This loads the Contact Details for the contact, and the referrals will be found in the Referrals section.



If a contact has a referral trend, but not an assigned owner, it is a best practice to assign that contact an owner, to ensure that they are being called upon, as it's a great opportunity to potentially add additional referrals from that contact.

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