Transfer Accounts/Contacts Without an Available License

Most Administrators may be familiar with the processes of adding and disabling users in PlayMaker. However, one of the trickier processes is transferring accounts and contacts from a user that is being disabled to a new user when both users aren't active in the system at the same time. This happens most often when an account is at its user license limit and needs to transition users. This article describes the additional steps that can be taken to make transferring accounts and contacts to a new user from a user that is being disabled possible, without the need to increase user licenses.

Temporarily Disable an Active User

The first step is to disable a user temporarily, without changing any account or contact assignment, and retaining all calendar events. This is being done to provide an user license to create the new user, and the user will be activated again once the account is reactivated. While disabled, this user will not have access to their PlayMaker account. This entire process should only take about 10-15 minutes to complete (generally much less), so it should have minimal impact on the active user. Since account, contact and calendar information is kept in place, the user will retain that information once reactivated.

Add a New User

Once a user has been disabled temporarily (as described above), a license should be available to create the new user account. For direction on adding a new user, click here.

Disable the Intended User, Transferring Accounts and Contacts

Once the new user has been created, the user that needs to be disabled can be disabled. During the disabling process, accounts and contacts can be transitioned to the new user. It is also suggested that the future calendar events are deleted, as they will not transition to the new user. For more details on this process, click here.

Activate the Temporarily Disabled User

Once the other user has been disabled, a user license should become available. This allows for the active user to be reactivated, restoring their access to their PlayMaker account. To learn how to enable a user that has been disabled, click here.


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