Letting PlayMaker Use Cellular Data (iOS)

In rare circumstances, the PlayMaker mobile application for iOS can be set to not have permission to use cellular data. This will prevent the PlayMaker app from using data to sync or even sign in. This article walks through granting the PlayMaker mobile app permission to use cellular data for these purposes.

While a lot of users will use PlayMaker while connected to a wifi network, allowing PlayMaker access to cellular networks allows for data to continue to send, so long as a network signal is present. PlayMaker uses data to:

  • Authenticate logins to access the app. Without a data network available, users can't log into the app.
  • Upload call/visit notes, new accounts or contacts.
  • Download new activity, such as updates to referrals, events, accounts and contacts.

PlayMaker's mobile application uses a very small amount of data over the course of a month, as the incoming and outgoing records are solely comprised of text. This means that enabling cellular data use for the app will likely have little to no impact on average monthly use. 

To ensure that PlayMaker has permission to use cellular data (and can sync away from wifi), follow these steps:

  • Tap on the Settings app, which comes installed on the iPhone.
  • Scroll to the PlayMaker app and select it
  • Toggle the slider to the right to use Cellular Data (below)



Once the slider is set to the right, the PlayMaker mobile application should allow logging in and syncing over cellular data.


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