Step 1: Introduction

PlayMaker is an application used by sales & marketing teams to manage their new and existing relationships with referral source partners. Before diving into the application this guide will start by defining some key terminology.

Throughout the daily a marketer will visit facilities to speak with referral sources - doctors, nurses, and their teams - either at scheduled or unscheduled events. In PlayMaker we refer to these 3 things as:

  • Accounts - the physical places (locations or facilities)
  • Contacts - the people you meet with at the various facilities 
  • Events - the visit or sales calls

A marketer, or sales rep, typically has a list of multiple facilities and referral sources they are responsible for nurturing. This is referred to as your Book of Business.


Each contact should be associated to an account, and an event will be in relation to a combination of accounts and/or contacts.  



Over the course of the Marketer Quick Start Guide series, users will be guided through:

  • Navigating the PlayMaker web application.
  • Building a book of business through adding accounts and contacts.
  • Develop an understanding of the association of accounts and contacts.
  • Creating events (meetings or sales calls) to build their calendar, either with one-time events or events that recur on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).
  • Adding notes to events and marking them as complete, adding to the activity of accounts and contacts, as well as providing historical notes for future reference.
  • Putting the mobile application to work in the field, applying the same processes to notate and complete events.

The video below starts off the course with a brief introduction to navigating the PlayMaker web application. 



Quick Start Guide:

Step 1: Introduction

Step 2: Building a Book of Business

Step 3: Associating Accounts and Contacts

Step 4: Scheduling Events

Step 5: Completing Events

Step 6: Moving to Mobile 

Marketer Quick Start Review 

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