Step 2: Building a Book of Business

As a new user to PlayMaker, the first task marketers should perform is building their list of accounts and contacts that they will be calling on - or their "Book of Business".

In the last step, we defined Accounts, Contacts, and Events. In this step we will take ownership of, or assign, Accounts and Contacts for each individual marketer.

Building Your Book of Business

The method that is used to add accounts and contacts to a user's book of business will depend on whether or not the user's account already has data available for assignment or if the data is being built from scratch. If users are associated with an organization that recently started using PlayMaker, they may be required to enter some data manually. If account and contact data is already available, that will reduce the amount of input that may be required, but accounts and contacts may still need to be assigned. Methods include:

Users should partner with their manager or administrator to find out which method(s) they will need to use. 

Note: Some users may already have accounts assigned to them by their administrator or manager, so they may not need to build their book of business. These videos still provide some basic information about adding accounts and contacts, which are fairly common processes that may be used on a regular basis. 


Building from Scratch

For users that do not have existing data in their PlayMaker environment, or are starting to market in a new territory where accounts and contacts have yet to be added, the marketer may need to manually create the appropriate information.  The following videos are recommended:

Manually Creating Accounts or Contacts

When a group of contacts are associated to a practice without a unique location name, a "practice of" account can be created to group these contacts together. 

"Office of" and "Practice of" Accounts 


Importing from Market Data (TargetWatch) and Referral Source Database

Rather than building out each individual account or contact manually, it may be helpful to import the information from a directory. There are two options within PlayMaker: TargetWatch & Referral Source Database.

TargetWatch is an add-on feature to PlayMaker that provides referral source information and Medicare claims-based market data. If users have access to the TargetWatch there will be a link on their navigation bar. The Referral Source Database is available to all PlayMaker clients and accessed from either the Accounts or Contacts tab.

Import Accounts and Contacts from TargetWatch

Import Accounts and Contacts from the Referral Source Database


Assigning from Existing Data - either Self-Assigned or by Administrator or Manager

In many cases users will have existing data in their PlayMaker environment. This data may be left over from a previous marketer or created automatically via an integration with the agency's EHR. Marketers should discuss with their manager if they can self-assign accounts and contacts or if they will need to request assignment. For those marketers who are inheriting accounts and contacts from a previous marketer, it may be necessary to understand how to manually create accounts and contacts going forward. We suggest the following videos:

Self-Assign Ownership from the All Accounts or All Contacts View

Request Ownership from the All Accounts or All Contacts View

Manually Creating Accounts or Contacts


In the next module, users will learn about associating accounts and contacts.


Quick Start Guide:

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