Adding an Account from Market Data

The market information in the Referral Source Database or TargetWatch provide two additional options to add accounts to your book of business.

Referral Source Database

The Referral Source Database is a registry of all facilities and people in the United States who have NPI (National Provider Identifier) numbers. Information is collected from CMS to provide an easy way for PlayMaker users to add these facilities or individuals to their books of business.

Adding an Account from the Referral Source Database

  1. Access the Referral Source Database by hovering over the Accounts tab in the main navigation and clicking on the Add from Referral Source Database option.
  2. On the left side of the main Referral Source Database page in PlayMaker are a number of filtering options under the Search Options heading. Select the city and state you want to view. Click Search.
  3. The resulting list will display all facilities that are not currently in your PlayMaker book of business.
  4. Click on the check boxes to the far left and select Add Selected to My Accounts at top of page or choose the Add to Accounts option under Bulk Actions at the bottom of the page.


Search and Filter Tips

  • Search by ZIP code
  • Search by specialty 
  • Search for a specific name
  • Narrow the type of facility (e.g., hospital, nursing & custodial care facilities) by selecting a facility type from the dropdown menu beside the label Type that appears at the top of the main Facility Database display. Select specific account types (Hospitals, SNFs, LTCs and more...)



One of the most powerful features of TargetWatch is the ability to find new referral sources based on historical claims and location data. This data provides insight to a wide variety of contacts that may be nearby, but aren't being marketed to. For more information on strategies to use TargetWatch, click here. 

Adding an Account from TargetWatch

  1. While on the Group Practice, Hospitals, IRF, LTAC, or SNF tabs using the Search Active Tab Advanced Search filter option on the left side of the page - for more information on Searching within TargetWatch, click here
  2. The resulting list will display all facilities that meet your criteria. Facilities already assigned to a book of business will show the marketers name in the "Shared Owners" column.
  3. Click on the check boxes to the far left and select choose the Assign to User option under Bulk Actions at the bottom of the page.


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