Step 4: Scheduling Events

With accounts and contacts assigned and properly associated, users can now start creating events to document their calls and visits. Events are the tool used to document call and visit notes with each account and contact that a marketer may call upon.

Events are created, on web or mobile, as either single occurrences, or as an on-going series of events. This allows the user to set up one-off meetings, as well as set events for facilities and contacts that they will call upon regularly (such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). PlayMaker strongly suggests that users set up recurring events, or series, whenever possible.  This practice will minimize input time on a daily basis. Instead of creating an event every day for each activity, users with series of events can simply add notes to the existing event and move on.

The videos below review how to create a one-time event and a series of events.

Creating a Single Event

Creating an Event Series


Quick Start Guide:

Step 1: Introduction

Step 2: Building a Book of Business

Step 3: Associating Accounts and Contacts

Step 4: Scheduling Events

Step 5: Completing Events

Step 6: Moving to Mobile 

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