Step 6: Moving to Mobile

With a basic understanding of accounts, contacts, and events, users are ready to start working the mobile application into their workflow. The mobile application offers quick access to content that they own (or are assigned), and allows users to update and close events while they are on the go. 

The videos below provide an introduction to navigating the mobile application, as well as a walkthrough of adding notes to an event and marking it as complete.


PlayMaker Mobile App for iOS

An Introduction to Mobile

Completing Events on Mobile



PlayMaker Mobile App for Android

An Introduction to Mobile

Completing Events on Mobile


Congratulations, you have completed the quick start guide and are now ready to use PlayMaker. 


Quick Start Guide:

Step 1: Introduction

Step 2: Building a Book of Business

Step 3: Associating Accounts and Contacts

Step 4: Scheduling Events

Step 5: Completing Events

Step 6: Moving to Mobile 

Marketer Quick Start Review 



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