Common Reports and Uses

This article discusses some of the most commonly utilized reports in PlayMaker.

  1. Advanced AE Summary Report
  2. Daily Visit Report
  3. Detailed AE Account Activity Report 


Advanced AE Summary Report

The Advanced AE Summary report provides a snapshot by marketer of the number of accounts called upon and referrals received. 



Daily Visit Report

The Daily Visit report gives a snapshot of sales activities for a specific period of time, which can be filtered to display all events for a particular account or a particular marketer.



Detailed AE Account Activity Report

The Detailed AE Account Activity report provides the count of referrals or admits and information on the most recent activity with that referral source.  

Run the report for each marketer and sort by referrals for the past 30 days descending to see accounts that are producing and whether a marketer has recently visited that referral source.


If your organization identifies accounts as "Targeted" or classifies each with an Account Rating, this report can be further refined to focus on just those that matter most. 

Or, if you are more focused on the individual contacts, as opposed to their associated accounts, the Detailed AE Contact Activity Report will offer similar information at the contact level.


Common Uses for these Reports

Marketers and their managers use this information to calculating Return on Investment (ROI).  By comparing the number of sales calls (or events) to the number of referrals that are generated the marketer can identify if their time and effort is paying off.

Another common use for these reports is call planning.  Whether used to monitoring scheduled events or identify accounts with little or no recent activity, a marketer and manager can build out a plan for the coming weeks and months.


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