Calendar Overview

Events represent how marketers/liaisons are engaging their customers, as well as providing a reference point for call/visit notes. The calendar is a quick way to view your events. 

Default View

By default the calendar will display your calendar for the current month. You can change the calendar shown by:

  • Adjusting the month displayed
  • Adjusting the time period shown - month, week, day, list
  • Filtering by Event Type - Meeting, Cold Call, Phone, etc.

Events that have not been completed will be shown in blue. Events that have been completed will be shown in green with a checkmark.

Note: An event will not show as Complete until a note has been added and the event is marked complete


Shared Calendars

If you have access to other calendars, you will have a drop down of those users on the left side of the page under Shared Calendar.  

  • Select another user's name
  • Click Go


Event Actions

By Right Clicking on an Event you can:


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