What is a Contact: Contacts Overview

What is a Contact?

PlayMaker defines the contact as the individuals that are found at the account, and are the people that marketers/liaisons visit regularly. Contacts can be assigned a Contact Type, which defines the role of that person within their account. 


Viewing Contacts

Access accounts by clicking on the Contacts tab, located in the main menu bar at the top of the screen. The default view for the accounts shown on this page are either:

  1. My Contacts: list of all individuals of whom you are the assigned contact owner
  2. All Contacts: all of the individuals in PlayMaker, regardless of which user is assigned to them. The contact owner is listed in the far right column of the display

To change your view select the dropdown menu beside the Change View label in the main Contacts display.  Additional customized views can be created to return the accounts, and information, of interest to you.



Actions that can be taken on contacts from this page include:


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