Associating Contacts to Accounts

All contacts in PlayMaker should be associated with an account. In the All Contacts or My Contacts views, the Account column should be listed, showing which account a contact is assigned to.


Use the two following ways to associate a contact to an account:

Before creating a new contact

  • Click on the Accounts navigation link, then search for the appropriate account.
  • Click on the account to view the Account Details, then scroll down to the Contacts section.
  • Click the blue New Contact button. This new contact will automatically be associated to the selected account.

Associating an Existing Contact from the Contacts View

  • In the All Contacts or My Contacts view, click Edit next to the contact that needs to be assigned to an account.
  • Click on the Account text box. A search dialog box will appear, prompting to search for the correct account.
  • Search for the account, or find the account in the list, then click Select in the Actions column.


Tip: If a contact was entered without address or phone details, users can click the Copy Account Details button (shown below) while editing the Contact Details. This will allow the user to select a few details to populate with information already exiting in the Account Details.


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