Defining Ownership & Shared Owners

What is Ownership?

PlayMaker uses the term "ownership" to indicate assignment of Accounts, Contacts, and Referrals to a person within your agency. What accounts and a contacts each person "owns" is their Book of Business.

For more information on Building a Book of Business, please refer to the Marketer Quick Start Guide.

What is a Shared Owner?

PlayMaker uses the term "shared owner" to indicate the specific assignee, or marketer, who owns the Account, Contact, or Referral. For many agencies, more than one person can own an account, contact, or referral, thus PlayMaker uses "shared" to indicate the ownership is not limited to a single individual.   

Ownership is utilized throughout the PlayMaker application, specially it is important for the following:

  • Indicates your "Book of Business" 
  • Drives the "My" views on the Accounts, Contacts, and Referrals pages
  • Filters down the information synced onto the mobile app when you log in
  • Potentially is used to assign referral credit


How Is Ownership Assigned? 

There are three ways ownership is assigned.

  1. Manually, by the marketer
  2. Manually, by a manager or admin
  3. Automatically, via an integration with your Electronic Health Record system

Manually, by the marketer

Assuming your organization has provided the marketer role with permission to assign accounts and contacts, a marketer can identify accounts or contacts they are calling upon and assign ownership to themselves. For more information on this process, see this article.

Manually, by the manager or admin

Many organizations require a manager or admin to approve ownership assignments. In this scenario, the marketer can request ownership and the manager will approve or deny the request. Additionally, a manager may make this change without a request. For example if a new marketer is added to the agency, a manager may dictate this person's territory and initial Book of Business.

Automatically, via integration

PlayMaker will often integrate with the agency's EHR. An integration is a one-way push of information from the EHR to PlayMaker. That information is centered on the referral, and likely also includes the referring facility and referring physician.  In some cases the EHR is the system that stores the specific marketer assigned to the referral, facilities, and/or physicians and will pass that information to PlayMaker.

There are scenarios where the automatic assignment includes a layer of translation between the EHR and PlayMaker. For example PlayMaker may assign an account to a marketer based on the referral owner in the EHR, or conversely, give referral credit/ownership based on account ownership in PlayMaker. If this logic exists it was determined together by the agency and PlayMaker during the integration process.


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