Tracking Stark II Compliance

PlayMaker offers the ability for agencies to monitor their expenses per individual contact for Stark II compliance.

Stark II Annual Limit

Using Contact Types, an agency can allocate and calculate expenses by certain groups of individuals. Any Contact Type associated to either the $50 Annual Limit or $398 Annual Limit under Expense Settings, will be tracked. For tracking and compliance accuracy, it's important to only add contact types that are required for Stark II compliance.

Important Notes:

  • Contact must have a Contact Type selected in their contact details for accurate tracking
  • Adding Contact Types that don't require Stark II compliance tracking can impact the tracking for contacts that should be tracked.
    • As an example, if a Physician and a Case Manager are associated to an expense, and both contact types are set to track Stark II compliance, the amount of the expense will be divided equally between both contacts. However, if only the Physician should be tracked, the amount allocated will be misrepresented, since half of the expense was attached to the Case Manager. This misallocation can cause issues in the circumstances of an audit. 

Annual Limit Alerting Threshold

In addition, the Contact Types that are tracked for Stark II will also add the appropriate alerting threshold for that annual limit. Each agency can provide one or more email addresses to receive notifications when thresholds are reached.


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