My Profile

My Profile offers users the ability to update personal information and configure some PlayMaker settings.

User Details

This section allows you to update your personal information including name, address, email, and phone.  The city and state in your address will be used by default when searching in the Referral Source Database. The email and phone number may be used for Calendar Alerts.

Change Password & Password Security Questions

Users can adjust their password and password security questions here. Changing your password is discussed in this article. More information on password security questions can be found in this article.

Timezone Settings

To set your accounts timezone, you will adjust this setting.

Records to Show

When viewing information in the Accounts, Contacts, or Referral sections you will likely encounter views. To adjust how many records are shown in a view at any time, adjust the setting here.

Grant Login Access to Support

In the case when the PlayMaker support team needs to log into your account to assist with an issue, your permission is required. This setting provides the support team the ability to log in, with a different password than yours, as if they were you. This article provide more information. 

Calendar Alerts

If you would like to receive reminders for the events on your calendar, you can choose what method to receive those alerts from this setting. Options include - Email; Phone; Text; Email and Phone; Email and Text; Phone and Text; Email and Phone and Text

Calendar Settings

The main calendar on your Calendar view can be configured through this group of settings. You can choose your default view (month, week, day, list), view time range, default appointment length, whether to show weekends or not, send you a copy via email of any events created, and which dates to show in your sidebar.


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