PlayMaker Name Changes

PlayMaker provides the leading sales platform for the post-acute care industry.  Our solution combines industry-specific referral management tools with EHR referral history and actionable market data to empower sales teams and executives to achieve their growth goals.

As we look to the future, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that address our customers’ expanding needs across a shifting healthcare landscape.  In this spirit, we are changing our company name from PlayMaker CRM to PlayMaker, and our application will now be called PlayMaker Spark.  You will notice the name change both in our web application and on our mobile app icons for both iOS and Android.  Rest assured that while our application has a new name, there are no current changes to the product itself.  However, look for future announcements regarding exciting upcoming releases.  

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to helping you grow and prosper in the months and years to come!

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