PlayMaker Standard Chart Defined

PlayMaker offers a variety of standard charts to analyze your individual and team performance, available in the Charts section of the application. As a reminder, all information presented will be limited to the permissions granted to each individual. 

Charts default to the current month-to-date but can be adjusted to a custom period. In addition, the chart information can be exported to a CSV (comma separated value spreadsheet) file. 

The standard charts available include the following: 


  • # of Admits By Contact Type Y-T-D
  • # of Admits By Primary Physician
  • # of Non-Admits by Non-Admit Reason YTD
  • Admits Per Month
  • Average Pending-to-Admit Conversion Time
  • Contacts By Rating
  • Expense to Admit Overview by Rep
  • Expenses by Referral Source
  • Referrals by Status by Sales Rep (sorted by Admits)
  • Referrals by Status by Sales Rep (sorted by Non-Admits)
  • Referrals by Status by Sales Rep (sorted by Pending)
  • Total Expenses by Account


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