Marketer Quick Start Review

Daily PlayMaker Use

With all of the initial training modules complete, it's now time to put PlayMaker to work. The video below will provide an overview of how users may initially start using PlayMaker.


Web vs. Mobile Tips

Lastly, we would like to point out what functions should be completed on the web vs. on the mobile device. The mobile app is great for day-to-day activity tracking, however there are a few processes that are easier, or only possible, on the web. 

Web-Only Features

  • Importing Accounts and Contacts from TargetWatch or the Referral Source Database
    • While accounts and contacts can be manually added on the mobile app using the QuickCreate button, importing of data is a web-only feature.
  • Self Assigning or Requesting Ownership cannot be done on the PlayMaker mobile application.
  • Associating accounts and contacts
    • While accounts and contacts that a user owns (or is assigned) can be edited on mobile, the process of ensuring contacts are related to accounts is only available on the web.

Functions Preferred on Web

  • Initial calendar set-up
    • When first getting started with PlayMaker, users will normally spend some time creating a large number of events. While users can create events on mobile, it's generally faster and easier to do this on the web, with the added benefit of being able to see availability for the day that the event is being scheduled, which is not easily seen on mobile.
  • Viewing future events on the calendar
    • The mobile application will display events up to 30-days in the future. On the web, users can advance month by month into the future and see their calendar of recurring events.

Functions Preferred on Mobile

  • Notating and completing events
    • As described in the videos, the mobile application offers shortcuts to completing events that aren't available on the web. Mobile devices also offer the convenience of being in-hand nearly all day, making launching the app and entering some notes shortly after (or during) a call or visit incredibly convenient.
  • Adding a new account or contact 
    • Using the QuickCreate button, users can quickly create a new account or contact while out of the office, and then use these new records for events. It is important to remember to always populate the Account field on a new contact, to ensure that they are able to be associated to events for that location or facility. 


This review concludes the Marketer Quick Start Guide. To continue your training, head over to the Marketer Next Steps section of the Getting Started in PlayMaker area of our Help Center.

For questions or troubleshooting, please refer to the Contacting PlayMaker Support document attached to this page.


Quick Start Guide:

Step 1: Introduction

Step 2: Building a Book of Business

Step 3: Associating Accounts and Contacts

Step 4: Scheduling Events

Step 5: Completing Events

Step 6: Moving to Mobile 

Marketer Quick Start Review 

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