Mobile App Overview

The PlayMaker mobile apps - available in Android and iOS - offer marketers the ability to manage their accounts, contacts, and events while in the field. 

After logging into the mobile app, the home screen displays an activity feed of recent updates or changes to your accounts, contacts, or events. 

In the top right corner is a circle with arrows - this button is used to sync the mobile app with the online version.  Syncing the mobile application will pull content that has been added to the web environment to your mobile application. The PlayMaker app will generally perform a sync after initially logging in, and should be done at least once a day to ensure up to date content in the app.

From the home screen, a marketer can access their calendar to add, edit, or mark an event complete, their accounts to find an existing account or add a new one, and their referral information.  

Under "More", users can find Contacts, Expenses, Stats, About, Settings, and Video Tutorials.


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