Creating "Office of" or "Practice of" Accounts

When users are initially getting started with PlayMaker, the difference between a contact and an account can be confusing. A common question is "How can I turn a contact into an account?" Since a person (or contact) can't house other contacts, they can't be converted into an account (normally a facility, office or location). It is important to create an account that can house the physician, making it easy to add additional contacts that are met when calling upon the physician. Having contacts associated to accounts also rolls all of the call and visit notes up to the account, creating one place to view call and visit notes for all related contacts.

If we aren't sure of where the contact practices, or know they have their own office, an "Office of" or "Practice of" account can be created for the contact. This article describes the process of creating these accounts and associating contacts to them.

Creating the "Office of" or "Practice of" Account

The following steps provide a guide to creating an account, then editing the contact record to add the new account to the Account field:

  • While viewing a Contact, right-click on the Accounts link in the navigation bar and open the link in a new tab. This will add a second PlayMaker window within the web browser.


Note: Tabbed browsing makes switching between contacts, accounts or referrals very easy. However, tabbed browsing works best when only one tab is open for each record type.

  • Click on the new tab in the browser to view the Accounts page.


  • Click the New Account button.


  • Once the new account record loads, populate the Name field with the contact's last name, first name, and then Office of or Practice of.


Note: The suggested naming convention used above (Last Name, First Name - Office of) makes it easy to locate when searching accounts for the physician's name, and having the "Office of" or "Practice of" designation provides a quick visual cue that this is an account record, not a contact record.

  • Click on the browser tab that contains the original contact record. On this page, the address information can be copied from the contact (Address 1, City, State, Zip Code, Phone), and pasted into the Account Details, field by field by switching back and forth between the Contacts and Accounts browser tabs.


  • Once all of the details have been added to the account, save the account record by clicking the Save button at the top or bottom of the account record. A green notice should appear at the top of the record, confirming that the account was saved.


  • Once saved, close the browser tab containing the Accounts page.

Associate the Contact to the new Account

  • While viewing the contact, click Edit to edit the Contact's details.


  • Next to the Account field, click on the magnifying glass icon to bring up a search window, then search for the new account (which should start with the contact's last name). Once located, click the Select link to add the account to the record.


  • Once saved, the account and contact are associated. Once again, a green save notification should display, and the account should be displayed in the Account field.


Note: Users may want to check with their manager or administrator to see if their organization has a preferred naming method (such as using "Office of" rather than "Practice of").

It should also be noted that if an organization uses integration services (or syncing of referral data with your EMR), Office of or Practice of accounts may be created automatically as contacts are imported into PlayMaker through the integration. While integration clients may not need to create an Office of or Practice of account, it is still important to understand the purpose of this kind of account. 

This process can be repeated for any other contacts that may work in their own private practice, or that may just not be associated to another facility type.

A video that covers this topic is also available for viewing in our Marketer Quick Start Guide. Look for the "Office of" and "Practice of" Accounts video in this article.

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