Market Data Deciles and Claim Counts

Market data is an additional feature available to PlayMaker clients. The data contains historical referral patterns and information across physicians, facilities, and agencies. There are two mechanisms to assess a referral source's weight - decile rank and claim count.


Decile Rank

Decile Rank provides a weighted ranking of all referral sources in a particular region or geography - such as county or state. The total claims for the group of referral sources is divided into 10 equal portions.  Referral sources that account for the highest volume of claims, or top 10% of claims, are given a ranking of "10", the referral sources associated to next highest volume, or decile of claims, are given a ranking of "9"; this continues until the lowest volume referral sources with the bottom 10% of claims are given the rank of "1".

Most decile rank values shown in the PlayMaker application are at the county level, as identified in the "Rank Type" column, for the county associated to the referral source's billing address.

Claim Counts

In addition to decile rank, the national patient count is provided for each referral source. These values are the total number of patients that referral source interacted with or referred for that service over a 12 month period. In many cases the patient count values will align with the decile rank range, however when a referral source has patients across county or state lines these values may require further review.

If the decile rank for a referral source does not align with their patient count values, it is important  to view the Referral Source Rank Report for details on all counties and states associated to the patient's address.


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