Tips for optimal speed/performance of PlayMaker CRM within your web-browser

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One of the common questions our support team gets from our customer base is "Can I do anything to enhance my speed when accessing PlayMaker CRM?" It can be frustrating when your web-browser is crawling and your co-worker's is flying.

Here are some tips that can help you have a more pleasant web experience.

1. Reboot your computer - This sounds very cliche, but with all of the things that can happen with a computer, there's just too many variables to easily determine where an issue exists. One of the common solutions is to ensure nothing behind the scenes is interfering with your experience is a reboot, or "restart", which often helps address those unforeseen issues. 

2. Test your connection - Even a top of the line computer can be brought to its knees if the internet you're connected to isn't that reliable. There are several websites that can test your connection speed for you. While PlayMaker doesn't endorse any specific website over another, a google search of "speed test" (without the quotes) will direct you to some of the more popular sites such as

3. Try a different browser - Most of our customers prefer using Google Chrome as their web browser because it delivers the fastest experience when using PlayMaker. That being said, other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari work as well.

4. Ensure there aren't other "blockers" - Sometimes software we install to protect us (ie. Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Anti-(fill in the blank)) can also keep us from being productive because it's protecting us "too much". If the suggestions 1-3 haven't yielded success, talk with a software professional about checking how your computer is configured to see if what you use to protect your computer is actually preventing you from getting work done. 

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