Grant PlayMaker Support Login Access

From time to time, an issue may arise where PlayMaker's support staff may need to review an issue that is specific to one user's account. As an example, granting access is often necessary when a particular user created Account/Contact/Referral view is not functioning correctly. Since that view is saved to that particular user account, PlayMaker will need to log into that account to see the view and help troubleshoot the matter.

Providing PlayMaker login access prevents the need for a user to provide PlayMaker with their password, and also eliminates the need to temporarily change a password for support purposes.

Users can grant PlayMaker Support access to their account by following these steps:

  • In the PlayMaker web application, click the My Profile link in the top right corner.
  • In the Grant Login Access section, change the drop-down to Yes.
  • Also in the Grant Login Access section, either leave the Expiration Date field blank, or make sure that a future date is entered to ensure PlayMaker Support can access the account.
  • Click Save to preserve the changes to the user profile, granting support login access. 

Note: A user can elect to revoke login access at any time by changing the dropdown to No, or setting a past expiration date.


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