Accessing PlayMaker on a Tablet

Accessing PlayMaker on a tablet

PlayMaker is available for both Android and iOS devices in their respective app stores. To download the latest version, please use search for "PlayMaker CRM" in the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store to download the most recent version.

The mobile application is intended to be the primary access point for PlayMaker users on the go, providing access to accounts, contacts, calendar events, referrals, stats and expenses. The application syncs with the web application, so that changes in one place can be shown in the other. Users will be prompted within the mobile application to sync if they have not done so in the past 24 hours.

Logging into the PlayMaker web application on mobile devices

Since PlayMaker is a web-based application, it is possible to log into your account on a mobile device. Users may find the mobile application to be more user-friendly since it is tailored to fit the display of their device, has a touch-friendly interface, and it requires less zooming in and out. However it should be noted that some parts of the desktop web application may not function properly or display errors due to limitations of mobile device operating systems. 

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