Creating Admit Goals

Measuring sales reps performance is an important aspect of sales management.  In PlayMaker, a manager or administrator can set Admit Goals for users in their organization, individual sales reps can also set goals but those will not be viewable to anyone else.  Here are a few important notes:

  • Goals will only count admissions, not referrals
  • Managers should create them for users so they can maintain visibility to the goals
  • Any goals created by a non-administrative or management user will only be viewable to that user
  • Only the creator of the goal has the ability to edit or delete the goal in the system
  • Goals can only be created on the web but can be viewed in mobile

Creating an Admit Goal

Under the Stats tab, a new admit goal can be created and current and/or previous goals can be viewed.


  • When creating a new goal enter the following:
    • Cycle: Choose the time frame for goal
    • Who: The goal can be set for yourself or another user(s). You can only set a goal for another user if you are a manager or Admin.
    • Goal Name: Enter in the title of your goal. Use the timeframe or territory to differentiate multiple goals.
    • Target: Enter in the number of admissions for the goal
    • Recurring: Goals can be set to recur for the cycle chosen
    • Notes: Additional details or notes can be added (optional)

  • If you are creating goals for specific users (by choosing Specific Users from the Who is this goal for? drop-down), the “Group Admit Goal by User” section will appear and the user(s) can be added.

  • The target number for admits can be applied to all users added to the goal or each user can have a custom target number. Users can also be removed or added after a goal has been saved. Once the goal has been completed, click “Save”.


Here is the completed and active goal dashboard. All current and active goals will show in the drop down box on the right hand side.


  • Only the creator of the goal will have the ability to edit or delete the goal.
  • The Goal Summary will clearly show how users are trending toward their goal

Active goals will also be available on the left hand side of the screen (pictured below). From this section goals can be duplicated or new goals can be created.



Goals are also available to see in the mobile application under More -> Stats.


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