Approving Ownership Change Requests

PlayMaker uses the terms "ownership" and "shared owner" to indicate assignment of Accounts, Contacts and Referrals. While Administrator and Manager role users can assign ownership to users, some users may not have permission to assign themselves to these records. In this case, the users must request ownership through a process covered in this post.

Once ownership change requests have been made by users, Administrators or Managers must approve or deny requests. This can be done by following these steps:

  • Click on the Reporting link in the PlayMaker web environment.

  • Click on the Approve Owner Change report.
  • Choose any appropriate filters, such as Territory (branch, area, market or region), Business Line, or User. Most importantly, change the Object drop-down to display the appropriate content.

  • Click Run Report.
  • Any requests that match the filters applied will be displayed.


  • Check the boxes next to the records that you would like to approve or deny.
  • From the Bulk Actions drop-down, select the appropriate action to perform. 


Additional Information on Approving Ownership 

  • If a record is already assigned to an owner, this process will add an additional owner which may result in shared credit for referrals. To remove a shared owner, follow these steps.
  • As an Administrator or a Manager, approving ownership changes may be a regular activity. PlayMaker recommends that the Approve Owner Change report be set up as a scheduled report. Scheduling a report automatically emails to the user at a desired interval. The more frequently that the report is generated, the faster Account Executives can start servicing the requested contacts or accounts, or receive credit for their referrals. Reports can be set to run only when there are results to display. If there aren't any ownership change requests, the report will not be generated. Note that only one report can be scheduled, so setting the scheduled report to the most frequently requested record type would be recommended.
  • It is recommended to regularly run a report for each category (Accounts, Contacts, and Referrals) to ensure all requests are addressed. We suggest that Administrators or Managers set up a recurring event either on their PlayMaker or Outlook calendar to remind them to run these reports on a regular basis.
  • When an ownership change request is created, there will not be a notification that ownership change requests are pending. Reports must be run to view request activity.
  • Office Managers can only approve requests for the Account Executives within their branches, and Region Managers can approve requests for any user in their region. Administrators can approve requests for any sales territory.



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