Adding or Removing Shared Owners

PlayMaker uses the terms "ownership" and "shared owner" to indicate assignment of Accounts, Contacts and Referrals. These records can have multiple users assigned to them, sharing the information on the records, as well as possibly sharing referral credit. Administrators and managers have the ability to assign and remove shared owners to accounts,contacts and referrals. This article provides an overview on adding or removing shared owners to records.

To add or remove a Shared Owner from an Account, Contact or Referral:

  • Navigate to the appropriate category, by clicking on the Accounts, Contacts or Referrals link in PlayMaker.
  • From the Change View drop-down, chose the view that shows all records.
  • In the Search box on the left, search for the record (for more information on searching views, click here).
  • Once the desired record is listed, check the box in the furthest left column for that record.

  • From the Bulk Actions drop-down, choose Assign Shared Owner or Remove Shared Owner, depending on the desired result.

  • In the pop-up window, search for and select the shared owner to add or remove.
  • Click Save to add or remove the shared owner.

Note: Using the Assign Shared Owner bulk action, users can assign records to themselves as long as their role provides proper access to do so. This article goes into more detail about role permissions.



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