Creating a Contact

In the PlayMaker web environment, there are three ways to add a new contact:

From the Account

Since all contacts should be associated to an account, the easiest method to create a contact linked to an account is to do so from the Account Details screen. Scroll down to the Contacts section, then click the New Contact button.


From the Navigation

Mouse-over the Contacts link, just below the PlayMaker logo, then click Create a Contact from the menu that pops up (shown below).


From the Contacts View

Click on the Contacts link (rather than letting the mouse hover over it), then click on the New Contact button.




Editing the Contact Details

Any of the above methods will then display the editable Contact Details screen, where the contact's information can be input. The first method listed above has two benefits that the other two do not have:

  • Automatically populates the Account field with the correct account.
  • Allows the user to click the Copy Account Details button (shown below), which will copy user-selected fields from the Account Details screen and enters them into Contact Details screen. This option is not available if the contact is not associated to an account.

If the user inputting the contact is not who the contact should be assigned to (or the Shared Owner of the contact and related account), the assignment can be changed in the Shared Owners section of the Contact Details. Once all the information has been entered, simply click Save at the top or bottom of the page. Once saved, the Contact Details page will be displayed, and a green notice will show at the top of the record that the contact is now saved in PlayMaker.


Tip: Before creating a contact, it is suggested that users check the appropriate account to see if the contact already exists. Additionally, users can search the All Contacts view for the individual, as they may exist, but might not be assigned to the user. Additionally, by default, the only fields required on a new contact are the First Name and Last Name. PlayMaker suggests that users add as much information as possible. These  additional details allow users to see if the contacts are duplicates based on more criteria than a name.


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